Achieve Independent Health With Your Optimized Nutrition Plan


My program comes from decades of experience in which I have researched extensively and most importantly, successfully treated hundreds of clients.

Many are struggling with weight issues, facing some disease or condition, or fighting inexplicable fatigue or lethargy. If that applies to you, I am certain that if you adhere to the recommendations given in our written program, they will help you achieve the happy and healthy life!

So what makes this nutrition program different from all the other diets you’ve tried?

It’s based on fact. There are no miracle cures here, just tools to help you understand your body and achieve optimum health.

It seems that many of the world’s leading dietary experts adopted one-size-fits-all dietary solutions that they believe can be universally applied. While there are indeed certain universal truths, such as the danger of sugar and toxins, my experience has taught me that a one-size-fits-all dietary approach simply doesn’t work very well.

Nutrition Goals and assessment with Jim Sayih (1 hr meeting) $39.00

80% of weight loss success in Nutrition.   You will learn and Practice KEY strategies that Always produce safe & effective weight loss for you and your family.  Learn the  Psychology of Nutrition, Motivation and Personal Identity affect positive outcomes.  You Will Win!!

Written Nutrition plan   (30 days, 5 meals a day) – $299.00  (includes the meeting). 911 Fitness / Crossfit  members Discount available

Achieve Independent Health With Your Optimized Nutrition Plan: Getting Started

I have simplified my nutrition plan down into phases: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Success comes in steps, and this program is designed to allow you to make your journey to optimal health in a step-by-step manner.

Almost everyone should begin at the “Beginner” level. The exceptions are:

  • Those who are already implementing the advice found there.
  • Those with serious conditions who may want to take the more extensive measure of implementing the advice found in several, or all, of the stages to promote healing and health.

Ideally you will want to adopt all the recommendations within a phase. You can modify the program though, by placing your initial focus on these factors:

  • Insulin
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol

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