BADKAT – not bad at all!!

Posted by Flavia Barbosa
Proud to be have her as a friend and have her as a special visitor / Coach when she is in town!


“Are you a superhero?” the little boy said, staring up at Kat’s sculpted, statuesque physique with round eyes. Over her shoulder, Kat flashed him a dazzling smile that was accompanied by a valiant ting from an unseen source. “No, young fella, I’m not. But thanks for the compliment!” And, with that, she turned back to her task: bending iron bars into shape with her bare hands to fashion a temporary prison for the gang of armed bank-robbers she’d single-handedly clobbered senseless some moments earlier. So, by her own acknowledgement, Kat is not a superhero – even though she does resemble one. (And even though, on her Birth Certificate it appears, somewhat suspiciously, as though the word “Toronto” has been hastily scribbled over the scratched-out birthplace “Krypton.”) So what is she then? Who is she? According to Kat, she’s a determined, powerful woman whose idols and role models are other determined, powerful women. But she wasn’t always this way. Kat grew up as the only girl in a family of four siblings. Her three athletic brothers were her role models then: she did whatever they did and never mind the label “tomboy” that got slapped on her. It was either be a tomboy or get trampled on – literally. By the age of twelve, Kat was lanky, skinny and teetering awkwardly on the precipice of geekiness, tall for her age and self-consciously aware of it. A boy she liked told her one day that she had nice legs – but they needed some muscle on them, seriously. Older Kat might have decked the youth for his backhanded foot-in-mouth compliment, but Adolescent Kat merely stored up the statement as further justification for her insecurities. Being tall ain’t easy for a girl. Sports were a great distraction, though – and a great confidence- and popularity-builder. And Kat’s height gave her a significant edge when she was tearing up the soccer pitch or reducing opposing teams to tears on the volleyball court. Yet it was tennis where she excelled the most: inspired by Martina Navratilova – one of her early formidable female role models – Kat taught herself the sport and whipped the behinds of her cowering opponents in spite of the ancient racquet she consistently used, her trusty, reliable battle-club. It wasn’t until Kat was in her early-twenties that she first experienced the wondrous life-changer known as weight-training. Prior to that, at the gym she attended, she’d acquired something of a reputation as a “Cardio Queen,” to use her own flippant label. But she joyfully tossed aside this flimsy tiara when she realized that the body she truly wanted would only result from picking up heavy things, and then heavier things, repeatedly, with intensity and passion and commitment. If weight-training was a life-changer, then Crossfit – which Kat first experienced in 2008 – was a LIFE-CHANGER, all caps. She trained in it, fell in love with it, and asked it to marry her – and it’s been wedded bliss ever since. Wedded bliss in the truest sense: characterized by bucket-loads of sweat, taut, glistening skin, and rather a lot of groaning and grunting. Kat’s entry into the world of Crossfit training has led to explosive competitive success: she’s consistently placed in the Top 5 against women twenty years her junior and, in the Crossfit Games Open – Canada East Women’s Masters Category, she currently ranks in 1st Place. In the worldwide rankings, she’s 5th. Think of that: the entire world. The globe. The big blue marble floating in space amidst a galaxy of lesser planets where Crossfit is just a rumour, a fabled myth spoken about in hushed, awed whispers. In spite of her Crossfit triumphs, however, Kat doesn’t spend a lot of time patting herself on the back. She could – with those mighty arms of hers and that supple flexibility, absolutely she could! – but she doesn’t. Instead she chooses to take her hard-earned knowledge and expertise and generously pass them on to others. Kat has been this way just about her entire life. As much as she derives huge satisfaction and fulfillment working out for her own physical improvement, she also loves the act of training other people. At age fourteen, she was teaching aerobics classes at a local high school. At sixteen, she became a tennis instructor. And she’s been a Personal Trainer since the ripe old age of seventeen. The extent of Kat’s Personal Training proficiency is extraordinary: weight-training, strength and conditioning, kettlebell training, powerlifting, boxing, spinning, Olympic lifting – she teaches and coaches just about everything. Although the rumours that she once offered classes in “Leaping Over Tall Buildings” have yet to be substantiated, this wouldn’t be the least bit surprising to anyone who’s ever worked out with her. The clients Kat trains are as varied as the types of training she offers: housewives with excess weight to lose; househusbands with excess weight to lose; people needing rehabilitation after an injury; fighters; runners; hockey players; tennis players; non-athletes; couch-athletes; etc. She’s trained clients preparing for Health and Fitness-related competitions and shows and, without fail, they’ve all placed in the Top 3 of their respective contests. And, yes, she’s even trained a real-life superhero. (Because of the confidentiality agreement he asked her to sign, however, she is unable to disclose publicly who he is. All she can divulge is that the initials of his secret identity are “P. P.” and he climbs a lot. Oh – and his hero-name rhymes with “Wider-Man”….) No matter who her client happens to be, Kat communicates two simple truths through her Personal Training; first: hard work will pay off – as long as you put in the time and the effort, consistently. The physique Kat’s got – her greatest advertising! – didn’t just poof into existence with the snap of her fingers or as a result of a gulp of spinach from a can: there are three decades of patience and stubbornness and dedication woven into the solid muscle beneath her skin. And second: it’s crucial to take your insecurities and turn the tables on them, to use them in a positive way until they run off whimpering with their tails between their legs. Kat’s self-doubts are the fuel that keeps her pushing through physical barriers, aiming for new heights, persevering in all aspects of her life. So, there you have it – that pretty much answers the question: Who is Kat? She’s a determined, powerful woman whose determination and power are that much more meaningful because of the insecurities with which she struggles every day. She’s a kick-ass Personal Trainer who will help you get the most out of your workouts and your body. And she’s an inspiring role model who might come across as intimidating at first glance because of her athletic Amazonian presence, but who will quickly put you at ease with her relaxed attitude, crazy sense of humour, and dazzling superhero smile. Ting! Credentials and Accomplishments: • Can-Fit-Pro – Fitness Instructor Specialist • Can-Fit-Pro – Personal Training Specialist • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) – Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Therapist • National Council for Exercise & Fitness (NCEF) – National Certificate in Fitness and Fitness Instruction: Level II FIS; Level III PTS • Crossfit Certification • Numerous workshops in Kettlebell Training, Powerlifting, Strongman Training, etc. • Crossfit Games Open – Canada East Women’s Masters Category – ranking (as of April 2013): 1st Place • Worldwide ranking: 5th Place • 2013 CrossFit Games Competitor