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CrossFit is a community of athletes and friends driven by Results not only in body composition but improving cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. Mixed Martial Artist include CrossFit programming to maximize their physical conditioning for competition.  The CrossFit approach is consistent with what is practiced in elite training programs associated with major university athletic teams and professional sports. The model we offer allows for wide variance of mode, exercise, metabolic pathway, rest, intensity, sets, reps, etc.The workouts are composed of three distinct modalities: metabolic conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting.

CrossFit enthusiast include professionals, elite athletes, sedentary, overweight, and elderly individuals; Pro-football players, cyclists, tri-athletes, prize-fighters, skiers, tennis players, and others competing at their highest levels. Ready to look good, feel good, and exercise in a fun, positive, friendly, family oriented environment, join 911 CrossFit. You will be grateful.

We are not like 24 hour Fitness, LA Fitness or Gold’s gym or YouFit. We don’t have machines swimming pools, high-end locker rooms, and saunas. We do have great equipment, Certified CrossFit Level 1,  exercise physiology trainers and Masters Degree head coach programming our workouts, and a fun atmosphere.  As part of our community you will develop a bond with your coaches and fellow members unlike anything you can find at a big franchise gym.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program based on broadly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity that is universally scalable for all levels of fitness.

911 CrossFit believes the CrossFit training method is the single most effective means of training for high level performance in all disciplines of sports, recreation and workplace. In addition to CrossFit we development MMA athletes to prepare for tournaments by providing all elements of competition readiness, including nutrition, sports psychology, periodization and rehabilitation through Training. 911 CrossFit is located one block north from Sterling Road on Flamingo Road in Cooper City.




911CrossFit top 11 favorite WODs

  1. Fight Gone Bad
  2. Filthy 50         
  3. Murph              
  4. Tabata This    
  5. Nancy              
  6. CFT                   
  7. Angie               
  8. Karen              
  9. Isabel              
  10. Diane               
  11. Fran                 
OnRamp only cost $50.00
On Ramp included in the first month for a reduced price $50.00 + month
ONRAMP (101 CROSSFIT FUNDAMENTALS) – This is a 2 day mandatory  basic program taught at 6:30 PM  – Must be completed before attending regular classes.  Details about the schedule will be given at sign up.

Our MMA (mixed martial arts) classes are made by appointment.



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