Most of you will be starting at the Sprint level-even if you already have been doing another sport for awhile.  This will allow you to try it out. Maybe you aren’t even thinking about the longer distances and like training for the short events.  Maybe some of you are starting your journey to completing a Full Ironman someday. We will make an assessment and help you achieve your goals at any level!

Short term Goals, long term goals and distance goals as well as nutrition and strength and conditioning will be part of the plan.

Goals:    Sprint    Olympic    1/2 Ironman    Full Ironman

Goals are great to have but only if they are realistic.  If you set your goals beyond your capabilities, you will be inviting injury and failure.  With that in mind, triathlon is a sport where, ironically, moderation is the key.  Rest and patience is very important to the training plan for recovery allowing you to build to new levels and intensity later.

Unlike several other sports, doing every workout at maximum intensity and duration will cause over-training leading to fatigue, sickness and injury. Don’t get me wrong, in a detailed training plan, there is a time for maximum intensity, but with the proper details and times.


Sprint Olympic 1/2 Iron-man Full Iron-man
Swim .5 mile .93 mile 1.2 miles 2.4 miles
Bike 13 miles 24.8 miles 56 miles 112 miles
Run 3.2 miles 6.2 miles 13.1 miles 26.2 miles


Looking at the above common triathlon distances spectrum and noticing that overall, the next level doubles in distance, it is a safe assumption that you should only cover two consecutive distances per season.  The rationale is that we just can’t keep building our endurance base without proper rest and maintenance phases.

Dedication and obsession are key traits of any triathlete, but should we just lighten up and have a bit more fun instead!


Once you decided what kind of race you would like to do:

The first thing to determine when training for a triathlon is – when will you do your training? If you work full time, you will have to create a training schedule compatible with your work schedule. Depending on your athletic background, no longer will your training consist of simply heading out for a run, driving to the pool for a swim or hopping on your bike for an afternoon ride. You must now combine all three sports as part of your training regimen and perhaps even some strength training in the weight room(primarily for strength and endurance).

And you must understand, the majority of your training will consume most of your “one time” free time.

Believe me, this will test your commitment. But like I said, most of the folks in this crazy sport are in the same boat, and somehow we all find a way.

I do not know what your goals are regarding triathlon but we can break that down into two basic categories:

a. To finish the race
b. To be competitive in the race.