Head coach Jim Sayih, MS, CSCS

Comprehensive One on One Private Training, including baseline body composition measurements, Nutritional Counseling and periodic evaluations to maximize improvements in Weight Loss, Performance and Strength.

When we began developing our personal training program, we hired the best of the best in Florida so that our members could be assured of seeing the fitness and weight loss results that they were looking for.  You can’t achieve your goals without being exposed to proper training The same goes true if  you don’t learn the right combination of diet and exercise that enables that.  This is what our personal trainers do here at our facility.

They not only here to  keep you motivated with enjoyable and exciting workout sessions so that you don’t get discouraged, they get you fit and teach you how to maintain your new, healthier lifestyle so that you never ride that lose weight/gain weight roller coaster again. Think about how your self esteem will be improved !

We will customize a safe and effective  exercise program to meet your specific needs and goals. All of the latest cutting edge fitness tools are provided. Workouts include full body circuit training, lifting weights,  cardio,  kickboxing, TRX  and  running

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